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March 28, 2015

New Additions from La Roche Posay & the new #Skinchecker Video

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Dalmations, suncare and skinchecker video
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: La Roche Posay Giveaway Prize
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: La Roche Posay Skinchecker

Last week I was very kindly invited to La Roche Posay's Anthelios 2015 Launch Event in London, celebrating the release of the brand's new sun protection products. I was very interested to learn more about sun protection and it was incredibly helpful to be talked to the way in which La Roche Posay's suncare products work. I was give a very generous goodybag at the event (pictured below - because I know everyone is just as nosy as I am when it comes to these things) and I'm definitely going to be sharing some of what I learnt in an upcoming blogpost where I'll talk you through some of the new products.

One Little Vice UK Beauty Blog: La Roche Posay Anthelios Launch and Skinchecker

The event was also connected with the release of La Roche Posay's new #Skinchecker Video - which I've included at the end of this blogpost. It's a short video that La Roche Posay put together in order to encourage people to check their loved ones for skin abnormalities - especially their moles and beauty spots. Skin cancer is one of the easiest to detect but, as with all types of cancer, it's vital to spot the symptoms early. The video went live last week and La Roche Posay is promoting it internationally. It's all about encouraging people to keep an eye out for the people they love, especially over the summer when sun damage is much more likely.

I like the video but I like the message behind it even more. If you're interested in seeing some adorable dalmatians then do give it a watch - but if you're interested in promoting awareness of skin cancer and skin cancer prevention then do please also share the video. What's really nice about the Skinchecker campaign is that it isn't promoting La Roche Posay products, it's about raising awareness of the importance of protecting your skin from the sun and monitoring your skin, and the skin of those you love, for sun damage and abnormalities. I for one think that it's lovely to see a brand like La Roche Posay use its international influence to campaign in this way. Good for you La Roche Posay, and thank you for inviting me to a really well planned and well executed event.

What do you think of La Roche Posay's Skinchecker video?
  And do you wear SPF everyday?

March 27, 2015

Beauty Products for Oily and Combination Skin

One Little Vice UK Beauty Blog: Organic Sugre Kadria Vichy Origins products for oily combination skin

I have combination skin - dry cheeks and an oily t-zone - and I'm always looking for beauty products that help keep my skin looking healthy, whilst also keeping shine at bay. Today I'll be sharing some of the skincare and makeup products that I think are really effective, and I hope they help anyone with a similar skintype who's looking recommendations on what to try next.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Natural Moisturiser for Oily Combination Skin

Organic Surge's Ultra Light Oil Control Lotion* is a really gorgeous moisturiser that works to regulate the skin's naturally produced oils. The bottle pumps out just the right amount and although the product initially feels quite thin and fluid, once you start rubbing it into your skin it starts to emulsify and transforms into a richer, thicker consistency that my skin just drinks up. It's packed full of rose damask, geranium and sweet orange oil that make it really hydrating as well as giving it a delicate rose and geranium scent. I find that it's a really lovely product to use and I think that it would be great for anyone who's looking for a moisturiser to help balance combination skin issues as its nourishing and softening without overloading your skin. I'd also like to state how lovely the packaging is which gives the whole experience of moisturising an added luxurious feel. Overall, I think it's a great option - suitable for vegetarians, vegans and sensitive skinned folks - and even at £21.50 it still feels like great value for money.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Natural Skincare oil for hormonally imbalanced skin

If you have oily skin then you might be a little bit afraid of using a facial oil. However, in my experience they're really good for all skin types as they do a great job of rehydrating your skin which can really help regulate the natural oils it produces throughout the day. Kadria's Balancing Face Oil* is designed with hormonal skin imbalances in mind - for instance, the hormonal imbalances that occur in women during pregnancy or throughout their monthly mentrual cycle. My skin definitely changes before and during my "time of the month", becoming oiler and more spot-prone. I definitely think that Kadria's Balance Face Oil helps to regulate the imbalance in my oil production, keeping all my skin looking hydrated and more even. Despite being packed full of high quality oils, it has a light texture and absorbs quickly. I use one pump a night and I've gotten through around one fifth of this bottle in the course of a month. I think that this does help justify the cost of the facial oil, which at £36 a bottle feels expensive but I do think that it does a lot for my skin that other facial oils don't do and it's a particularly good choice for combination skin types - you can find it online here.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: MAkeup Recolution Origins and Vichy Products for Oily Combo Skin

If you're looking for an instant solution to oily skin then let me recommend some products that I think are all really effective. Origins' Zero Oil is a fluid that you apply onto your oily skin with your fingers, after moisturising but before applying makeup. It sets down to an incredibly matte finish, giving you a smooth base to apply your makeup and helping keep your skin matte for longer throughout the day. I especially like to use this during the summer when I'm more oily as it is very effective. However, it doesn't work so well over the top of makeup. If you want something to use throughou the day then I'd point you in the direction of Makeup Revolution's Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray* or Vichy's Dermablend Powder*. Both of them really extend the wear time of my makeup and help keep my face looking less shiny for much, much longer. The Vichy Dermablend Powder is one of the best I've ever tried but it does contain talc so I don't like to use it everday. If you want something for regular use that's also really affordable then I would recommend Makeup Revolution's Oil Control Spray as it makes a marked difference. Although I would say that it's better for those with oily rather than combination skin as it is very effective and can feel overly drying on already dry, or non-oily, skin.

Do you have any other products that you'd recommend for those with oily or combination skin?

March 26, 2015

Inika Bronzer in Sunlight Review

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Natural Mineral Bronzer Talc Free for Fair Skin
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Natural Mineral Bronzer Talc Free

I'm already a big fan of Inika's natural beauty range so I was really excited to try out their Bronzer in the shade Sunlight*. Not only is it talc-free but it also comes in a range of four shades, with Sunlight being the lightest shade. If you have fair skin then you'll know that finding a good bronzer can be a bit of a challenge, so I was really happy to see that Inika had such a nice range of colours. The product is housed in a really sturdy and practical container, but it is a loose mineral bronzer so if you're not careful it can become a little messy to use. That being said, the sifter works well and doesn't let too much product through and I've found it easy to get the right amount on my makeup brush.

In terms of the colour, as soon as I recieved Sunlight I realised that it wasn't quite the shade that I had been hoping for. It is quite a light colour but it definitely leans towards the orange - almost yellow/golden - end of the spectrum which means that it isn't as natural-looking as I would have liked. It also contains very find glitter particles, making it quite an unual and unique bronzing option. I don't dislike the overall effect that it gives (which you can see in my photo below) but I can't see this become an everyday staple. 

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Natural Mineral Bronzer Talc Free Fair Skin
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Natural Mineral Bronzer FOTD

Overall, as per usual, I'm impressed with the quality of Inika's makeup - they never disappoint on that front. This mineral bronzer has great lasting power and doesn't settle into my pores - I think I just chose the wrong colour for my skin!

You can find all four of Inika's Bronzers - including Sunlight - on MyPure for £20.50*.

March 25, 2015

Reviewing Some of InStyle's Best Beauty Buys 2015

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Mini Reviews of In Style's Best Beauty Buys List
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Aveda Smooth Infusion review

Earlier this month I received an incredibly generous package from John Lewis in the post containing InStyle's Best Beauty Buys 2015 magazine as well as a selection of beauty products from the many wonderful brands that they stock. I haven't yet had a chance to try out everything that I was sent, but I  thought I would start by trying out the products that I was sent that also featured in InStyle's "best beauty buys list", so I'll be sharing mini-reviews of these products.

I'm always in two minds about these sorts of magazines as you always see the same brands and products being mentioned, and there isn't much scope for smaller brands getting recognition. However, that being said, I always enjoy reading expert recommendations and I did spot a couple of products that I hadn't seen before, which I now fully intend to go out and buy! Although all the products that I'll be featuring in today's blogpost are featured by InStyle (all of which have been very kindly gifted to me by John Lewis), I just wanted to make clear that this isn't a sponsored post and I wasn't obligated to write this blogpost. All my reviews today are entirely based on my personal experience with the products, which I fully enjoyed putting to the test!

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Mini Review Balance Me Rose Otto Ren Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish*
available form John Lewis for £15.50 for 100ml
I discovered this cult cleanser when I first began writing my blog. I initially thought - because it had the word "polish" in the title - that this would be an exfoliating cleanser. However, since having the opportunity to try it for myself (I've gotten through two 250ml tubes in the last two years!) I now know that it is a thick, cream cleanser that you remove with a muslin cloth. And it's the exfoliating cloth that offers the "polishing"/exfoliating element. I was very grateful to receive a handy 30ml travel size tube of this cleanser as it really is a fabulous skincare product, and I especially like reaching for it when I have a lot of makeup to remove! 

available from John Lewis for £18.00
I'm already a rose otto fan but I hadn't actually tried this Body Wash before! I've been using Balance Me's Rose Otto Body Wash for months and months and this Ren Body Wash is really similar but has a slightly thicker more jelly-like consistency. I really do quite like this product from Ren, I'd definitely repurchase it as it gives my daily shower such a luxurious feeling.

available from John Lewis for £29.00
Holy moly... this is a really nice body scrub. Like, really nice. It has the smallest little exfoliating particles that really get down into your pores and cleanse and scrub you into an oblivion of smooth-skin goodness. It's really gentle but incredibly effective - and also super easy to use. I like to use this on my arms and decollatage, applying the creamy scrub to dry skin, buffing it gentle across my skin before stepping into my shower and washing it away. It might seem expensive but it is a great option for sensitive skin and it really is one of the most effective yet gentle scrubs that I've ever used. Incredibly impressed! I can totally see why people would rave about it - good for you Clarins.

Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream*
available from John Lewis for £14.50 for 200ml
I'm already a very big fan of Balance Me's Rose Otto Range - I've gotten through two of their Rose Otto Body Washes in the last six months - and their hand cream doesn't disppoint! It has a thick, creamy texture with that same delicate rose scent that I've come to love. I really like this hand cream and I think it will appeal to so many people. Balance Me is one of the few brands that consistently impresses me and I'd highly recommend investing in their skincare and bodycare ranges.

available from John Lewis for £48.00
I haven't given this a "proper" try as I've only used it for about a week. However, what I can tell you is how it compares on first impression to the other skincare oils that I'm used to. Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair has a lighter consistency than my MyChelle Argan Oil* and a similar consistency to my Mount Purious Rosehip Oil*. However, it doesn't feel as nourishing as either when you first use it. Instead, it seemed to do more overnight and the results were noticeable the next day when I woke up with smoother, fresher looking skin. Overall, my first impression is that this is a really good option to incorporate into your skincare routine and I can see why it featured in InStyle's Best of Beauty Guide - but it's just too expensive to tempt me to invest as I'm a really big fan of the oils I already use.

available from John Lewis for £3.95 for 75ml
This is sort of "cheating" as the hairspray itself wasn't listed in the Best of Beauty Guide, but GHD's  range did get a prominent feature so I thought I'd try out this hairspray anyway. I have to say, on first inspection I'm impressed with the hold and finish that it gives my hair. However, I think I have found my true hairspray love in L'Oreal Elnett so I don't think that I would repurchase this. But it definitely isn't a bad product and it's reasonably priced (even though you're almost certainly paying more for the brand name).

available from John Lewis for £21.50 for 150ml
This is another "cheat" because Aveda's haircare range got a mention, but not specifically the Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight. This is a really nicely textured liquid-cream product that you work into your hair before blowdrying to reduce frizz and help achieve a naturally straight looking style. I found that it offered decent hold and did help keep my hair looking neater and less wavy than normal. However, my hair is naturally quite straight so I can't say if it does a truly tremendous job. But that being said, I love the texture of the product and the way it left my hair feeling so I'd definitely reach for it again if I had the choice!

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Mini Reviews of In Style's Best Beauty Buys List

I have to say a big thank you to John Lewis for giving me the opportunity to try out some of InStyle's Best of Beauty picks - and you can view all the winners on John Lewis' website here. I'd love to know if you've tried any of these products and what you thought about them. And you'll be happy to know that I'm now trialling the rest of the products that I was sent so that I can share some more mini-reviews next month :)

March 24, 2015

ESPA Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 in 01 Nude and 02 Blush Review

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Luxury Tinted Moisturiser for Dewy Looking Skin
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Luxury Tinted Moisturiser SPF Long Wearing

Last week I was sent a couple of samples of ESPA's Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser*. It's a new release and I was very happy to try it out as I've only ever loved ESPA's skincare products, but this did mean that I had quite high expectations! Luckily, I haven't been disappointed and I've really enjoyed trying out ESPA's Tinted Moisturiser. I recieved the lighter two shades (out of four) - Nude and Blush - which are both swatched against my skin in the image below.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Luxury Tinted Moisturiser Review

What you can probably se is that Nude is a much better colour match for me than Blush. Nude is quite a light shade, although it certainly isn't very fair, that has a cool undertone (whereas Blush is better for those with a medium complexion with pink undertones). It was easy to blend with my fingers but also works quite well with a buffing brush. It left a pretty seamless finish on my skin and didn't sink into my pores throughout the day. I've included photos of me wearing Nude so that you can get an idea of the colour and coverage.

Below you can see what ESPA's Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser* in the shade Nude (01) looks like on my skin. In the first photo all I'm wearing on my skin is ESPA's Tinted Moisturiser, and you can see that it covers general redness but not blemishes. In the second photo you can see what my finished makeup looks like when I'm wearing ESPA's Tinted Moisturiser as my base (with no concealer, apart from under my eyes).

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: ESPA Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser Nude 01 On Face
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: ESPA Luxury Tinted Moisturiser Review

Overall, I find that ESPA's Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturser* is a nice choice for everyday wear as it feels really light on my skin, is really easy to apply and lasts throughout the day. It doesn't, however, conceal blemishes very well as it only offers very light coverage. I find the finish is very flattering on my combination skin; it doesn't cling to dry patches but equally doesn't leave me looking too shiny. For my preferred look I would probably add some powder to my t-zone, and this does help keep my base from look dewy rather than shiny throughout the day. All in all, I really like this Tinted Moisturiser, and the shade 01 Nude is a relatively good match for my fair-light skin tone. I'd definitely keep reaching for this and I'm actually considering purchasing the full size product as I think that it performs very well, even at it's luxury price point. If you're looking for a lightweight, natural looking base that will subtly blur imperfections and mask redness then ESPA's Tinted Moisturiser is a really great option.

You can find all four shades of ESPA's Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser* online for £32.00*

March 23, 2015

International Steamcream Giveaway

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Natural Moisturiser Giveaway
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: International Beauty Blog Giveaway

Steamcream is a natural and cruelty free moisturiser full of skin loving ingredients (such as cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, orange flower water, lavendar essential oil and rose absolute) that are fused together using a shot of steam. The moistruiser is made in UK and Japan using traceable ingredients, and the finished product is a super hydrating moisturiser that instantly revives skin.

 Every tin design is a limited edition with a limited run and today I have four different tins to giveaway to four very lucky readers. This is an international giveaway so anyone who reads my blog can enter for the chance to win the tin of their choice. All you have to do is fulfill any of the entry requirements listed in the rafflecopter form. I've left most of the entries as optional but you do have to leave me with a contact email address so that I can get in touch if you win.

The tins that I'll be giving away (as depicted below, top to bottom):
Ume Matsuri
Message Neko

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Natural Beauty International Giveaway
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Steamcream GIveaway International
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Steam cream giveaway
One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Natural Beauty Giveaway International

March 22, 2015

Spring Makeup: Lipgloss Picks

one little vice beauty blog: nude lip glosses from RMK Laura Mercier Japonesque Illamasqua

Spring is close at hand and I've started sharing some of my spring makeup picks - I started by sharing some of my favourite spring blushers and lipsticks, and today I thought I'd walk you through the lipglosses I'll be reaching for! You can probably tell that one of my personal spring beauty trends is going to be a glossy neutral or nude lip. I love teaming bright or bold eyes with a minimal lip, especially with some added shine! 

One Little Vice UK Beauty Blog: Best Nude Lipglosses for Spring Summer

Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Enchant

I really like Illamasqua's Lipglosses - they have a sweet scent, are quite thick without being sticky and they are really lovely and glossy. Enchant is a really easy to wear shade. It's relatively sheer (unlike Illamasqua's Intense Lipglosses which are almost like liquid lipsticks) but gives just enough colour for rosy lips. I find that it's the perfect product to slick on when I'm wearing heavy eye makeup or a bright blush (like Kevyn Aucoin's Creamy Glow in Liquifuchsia) but when I don't want a totally "neutral" looking lip. If the price puts you off then I'd recommend keeping your eyes peeled for Illamasqua's seasonal sales. I picked Enchant up about 50% off in a sale last summer and there are equally good bargains to be had on other shades too. 

It might be cheating to place Japonesque's Lip Lacquers in a blog post about lipglosses as they're the sort of product that straddles the boundary between lipstick and lipgloss. They have an incredibly creamy and thick texture (that's more hydrating and comfortably to wear than many standard lip glosses) and they offer opaque colour on the lips. Shade 01 is a modern take on a classic warm-toned nude - with it's creamy, opaque formula it makes your lips look incredibly plump and the colour looks just slightly golden. It's going to be an incredible shade on anyone with tanned skin, but coupled with a bit of bronzer I find this incredibly flattering on my skin tone too. I'm really happy to have been introduced to Japonesque's makeup range, they're a recent discovery of mine but they've very quickly made their way into my everyday essentials!

If you're looking for a really nude toned neutral lip then you might like Laura Mercier's Bare Naked. It's a relatively new colour to me - I've never been one to opt for the completely "nude" lip look before - but I quite like the finished effect given by a gloss rather than a lipstick. It isn't completely opaque so it doesn't entirely blot out your natural lip colour, it just really tones everything back to give a much more neutral canvas. If you like really smokey, heavy, black or grey smokey eyes then this is the kind of lip colour that is a gorgeous accompaniment. The formula is a little bit more sticky than the other products I'm mentioning in this post, but it isn't too bad - nothing like some of the lip glosses I used to buy when I was a teenager!

By now you can probably tell that I have a big thing for glossy nude lips. RMK's Vintage Drop Gloss is another gorgeous nude shade, slightly darker than Laura Mercier and much less golden than Japonesque. Another difference is that RMK's Vintage Drop Glosses give you almost icy looking lips - the glossiness is incredible and it isn't even a little bit sticky! This does mean that it requires reapplication, but all the products I've mentioned today are like that. With really glossy, non-sticky, lip products I always find that top-ups are essential. But all the lip glosses I've mentioned today have really sleek, aesthetically pleasing packaging - and RMK's Drop Gloss in 04 is definitely my favourite looks-wise. It's from a collection based on vintage sweets and it's gorgeous multi-coloured swirl is incredibly reminiscent of old fashioned hard-boiled sweets. It even has the rich, sweet scent of Butterscotch which won't be to everyone's tastes but I personally really love the smell. When makeup looks and smells this good it's hard not to want to reach for it everyday, and I must admit that I have already been using this a lot since I got my hands on it!

Are you a lipgloss fan? 
What do you think of the shades I've picked out?

March 21, 2015

Love Lula March Beauty Box Review

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Natural Beauty Subscription Box Review

For the last few months I've been receiving Love Lula's Natural Beauty Box - a monthly beauty subscription box that contains only natural beauty products. For £12.50 a month I've found it to be a cost effective and fun way to try out new brands and new products that I otherwise might never think to buy for myself. I received my Love Lula March Beauty Box last week and I was really, really happy with the contents. Not only does it contain some wonderful natural beauty brands but it also represents excellent value for money. I've listed the contents below (you can read more about each one by clicking on the name of the products);

RRP £21.00

RRP £17.00

RRP £7.00

RRP 150g £6.00 - sample value £1.00

RRP 15ml £3.99 - sample value £1.33

Madara Skincare Samples - Time Miracle Day, Time Miracle Night, Time Miracle Eye Cream

If you're looking to subscribe to a new beauty box, or if you're interested in incorporated more natural and cruelty free beauty into your routine, then I'd definitely recommend LoveLula's Beauty Boxes. I've yet to be disappointed!

March 20, 2015

FOTD: Playing With New Makeup #2

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Claudia Louch Flawless Finish Liquid Makeup FOTD

As a beauty blogger I get the opportuity to try out quite a lot of new products each month but I'm not a big fan of featurng review and review of individual products. Last month I started a post series that I'm hoping to continue throughout the year where I put together a makeup look featuring some of the new makeup I was most excited about that month. Along with a photo of the finished look, I'll also be sharing a review of each of the new products, sharing my overall thoughts after using them throughout the month. This way I get to talk about lots of new makeup and you can see all the products in action! 

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: NAtural Luxury Medium Coverage Foundation

RRP £52.50*

Claudia Louch Natural Skin Clinic Flawless Finish Liquid Face Makeup offers a medium coverage makeup base that's 94% natural and non-comedogenic. I find that it offers excellent coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin, and it actually still maintains a slightly dewy finish which I find more flattering than a completely matte foundation. The lasting power is also excellent - I can wear this from morning until evening without any problems whatsoever - and on my combination skin it doesn't cling to dry patches or emphasise my oily t-zone. It really is a very good foundation and more than lives up to its high-end pricetag. It's also really nice to see that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals, fragrance or parabens. All in all, it reminds me that sometimes you really do get what you pay for. So if you're after a medium coverage foundation that will wear really well and doesn't contain harmful ingredients, I would definitely check this one out. The shade "Cool Neutral" is definitely more of my summer foundation shade but it works okay on my skin so long as I bronze up (which I did using Nars' Matte Multiple in Altai). 

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Luxury Gel Eyeliner Review
RRP £18.00*

I recieved this Gel Eyeliner from Bobbi Brown as part of a giveaway win at the end of 2014 but I've only recently started using it. I expected a lot from this eyeliner as it has almost cult status with so many people - including some of my favourite bloggers. What I found was that it was indeed much better than the gel eyeliners I've tried from Boots and Superdrug before, but it didn't blow other eyeliners I've tried before out of the water. It's a very easy to use product - you dip your brush into the pot and then draw along your lashline. I use a Real Techniques Eyeliner Brush and find that it gives an even colour and application and doesn't smudge once it's dried down. It doesn't give a very harsh looking black line - which is both good and bad. I quite like striking black eyeliner, but I found that Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner is better for a more smudged into the lashes effect. When I did try and make a thicker, bolder line I found that because I have hooded eyelids the product would transfer onto my upper eyelid. Overall, I think it's a good gel eyeliner but for me it isn't a "holy grail" find. I actually prefer using my W7 Liquid Eyeliner Pot which is incredibly affordable and gives me that intense black line I like, with amazing staying power to boot. 

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Luxury Volumising Mascara review

RRP £23.00*

At first I was head over heels in love with this mascara as it really does give lashes a serious dose of volume. However, what it doesn't do so well is hold a curl and I find that after I curl my lashes this mascara just doesn't make my eyes look as wide as I would like. In my opinion it's going to be a toss up between whether you like length and lift or whether you want in-your-face volume. I'm definitely going to be reaching for this mascara whenever I want a bolder, heavier looking eye, but on a day-to-day basis I prefer soemthing more fluttery.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: Luxury Matte Red Long LAsting Lipstick

RRP £18.50

I was so excited to try out another Matte Liptick from Illamasqua as I simply love the one I already own - Magnetism. What I found was that Sangers isn't as matte as Magnetism, which initially I thought was a shame as I assumed that it would affect it's staying power. However, Sangers is a gorgeous red shade and because it isn't totally "retro-matte" it has a creaminess to the formula that makes it a bit easier to apply from the bullet. The colour applies opaque and stays opaque, and I actually don't notice much fading for hours after application, it's a brilliant long-lasting lipstick. I think Sangers is a marriage between Illamasqua's super-matte and satin lipstick finishes, which in my opinion gives it the best of everything! I'd definitely recommend it.

One Little Vice Beauty Blog: High End makeup FOTD

If you enjoyed this post then do check out last month's FOTD. I'd love to know if you've tried any of these makeup products before and if you liked them. And if you have any recommendations about what you'd like me try and review next month then please do leave them in the comments.